About Neil Roback

I am an independent adviser with a holistic approach to financial planning. I studied with the American College, acquiring the LUTCF designation and I am a member of Senior Market Advisor's Advisory Board. My method of operation keys on a thorough discovery process; I then combine my vast experience with intense research in order to produce a very logical solution.

I recently acquired the ChFEBC designation - "Chartered Federal Employee Benefit Consultant" in order to help federal employees achieve a smooth transition into retirement maximizing that which is most importantant to them, including the largest available income stream.

Because of my extensive experience in the financial service profession and being a Registered Representative with World Equity Group (which allows me access to the security markets and exchanges) I am able to provide a vast array of financial solutions. Those include the use of traditional equity and debt instruments via Mutual Funds (including both long and short positions), Annuities including Fixed Index Annuities, traditional Fixed Annuities and Variable Annuities, and all Life Insurance products including Fixed Index Universal Life, Variable Universal Life, Traditional Fixed Universal Life, Whole Life and Term.  

If one were to ask me to summarize my investment strategy, the answer would be "to maximize growth potential with minimum or no risk in order to ensure funds are there when they are needed.......be it retirement, children's education or a personal accumulation goal".

I also provides other essential  aspects of risk management including Long Term Care and Disability Insurance.

When appropriate, I will recommend the use of various estate/retirement planning vehicles such as trusts, wills, Power of Attorney's etc. to be implemented by a licensed attorney.

In addition to the above I has both the knowledge of and experience in dealing with the professional/business market. This includes the presentation and implementation of various retirement plans including 401(k)'s SEP's, SIMPLE's and IRA's (Traditional and Roth) as well as utilizing a strategic combination of life insurance and annuities for various business planning/succession strategies including Buy - Sell agreements, Executive Bonus, Key Man Insurance, Deferred Comp. etc.

I have been married to my beautiful wfe Shoshy for 33 years and together we have four children and six grandchildren.